Who’s Who – ARUVAALI AADHANU ( Pen Name )

Do you know who is ARUVAALI AADHANU must be a really a bad guy.
No worries good or bad ARUVAALI means banished AADHANU means ADAM.

I was banished as POLITICAL PRISONER twice during 30 years of DICTATORSHIP & NEPOTISM from 1970 to 2008.

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as a MALDIVIAN who was jailed & banished during 30 years of Gayyoom’s dictatorship. I was behind bars with PLOTE members in a MALDVIVES Jail called GAAMAADHOO during their investigation with Indian Military & Maldives Armed forces NSS. In 26th July 1989 I was arrest because of an allegation claimed by Notational Security Services (NSS) staff by midnight about 1 in local time accompanied by one of my class mate Mr. MOHAMED ZAHIR.

I was taken to NSS head quarters kept in plastic chair without sleep & body wash for 05 days & 05 nights. Facing my face towards a wall. This is the only place where I have experienced in my life how BADLY a human being can approach to a human.

During investigation carried by NSS ELITE interrogators for political prisoners namely, officer Mr.WAAWU LHAHUTHTHU has done a good job by using convetional methodology by violating all my human RIGHTS.

Suddenly the lovely feeling & caring of my innocent MUM was triggered on my neuron, heart & mind. Since a young staff sergeant bleguarded at me by using filthy languages about my MUM & me. That maybe a reason why I have got EGO centric challenging tolerance not to sign & agree on my statement for their claim.

The officer claims was that I have discussed about 3rd Nov 1988 hostage crises on International waters. According to them, there was a report with evidence that I have mentioned President Maumoon Abdull Gayyoom hasfully responsible for those died onboard MV / PROGRESS LIGHT ( Cargo Ship own by Maldives National Ship Management) as a head of Maldives armed forces NSS Gayyoom has allowed Indian NAVY to fire gunshots.

After 5 days & 5 nights without my body wash & sleep I was taken to a same remote Island Jailed where PLOTE group leaders & members were kept. All of them were captured by Indian Military & Navy near by Sri Lankan in International Water. The mentioned GAAMAADHOO Jail Island was secured by Indian military force. The totally management controlled by NSS officers under regulative admin by Prisons Division. THE happenings inside jailed was fully controlled by NSS.( THE DETAILS OF HAPPENING HAS BEEN OMMITED FOR SO MANY REASON, INCLUDING SECURITY ISSUES) This is the place where Indian Military was camped & based with military equipments.

During my captivity in Gaamaadhoo Jail several times I have taken to Maldives Defense Ministry & escorted me to POLICE COURT. Finally I was sentenced & banished to a Remote Island for 03 months as a POLITICAL PRISONER.

According to POLICE COUR judge I was guilty since NSS officer has given enough evidence to POLICE COUR culture. I have rejected there statement & all allegation. My statement about issue was reveal by POLICE COURT JUDGE.

My satement: I am Adam Rasheed Ahmed has captured on 26th Jul 1989 on allegation about mentioned claim. It was not true & I am fully disagree on the officers evidence statement. This is how my statement was given.

After 3 months of banishment I was released from my confinemen. As soon as releasing from banishment with the assistance from my colleague we have registered a magazine call “MANTHIRI”(king on chessboard) the first politically motivated monthly magazine.


The first issue was unable to print in MALDIVES because of fear that Gayyoom government may take hard action agains any printers or publisher who contributes it to print in Maldives. During those days Maldives government is writing articles about SAARC summit.

During that tine MALDIVES BIG BROTHER is showing some stiffness to held the summit there. The mentioned writer was a Sri Lankan well-known editor who was based in Min. of Information in MALDIVES. His son Mr.Clod Gunasekara has assisted us for printing this Magazine in Colombo. After completion of printing it has been block by Maldivian government supported by MALDIVES HIGH COMMISION in Colombo.

I went Colombo & met all relevant diplomats including Maldives SAARC ambassador who was based in Colombo Mr.Ahmed Abdulla. After one week hard work in Colombo I got knew that commercial possibilities has been closed it is impossble to ship the consignment by air or sea fright. Because of Maldives High commission influence. The final conclusion was I have got assistance from a Sri Lankan government stack holder personal advisor to the president & proceeded to departure to MALDIVES by Air Lanka as VIP via first class with more than a 1000 copies of printed the first issue of MANTHIRI magazine.

I was accompanied by Maldivian Diplomat Mr.Ibrahim Hussain onboard AIR LANKA FLIGHT. I have explained him detail about what went wrong in Colombo with some level in controlled manner. After 1hrs 10 mnts journey soon after immigration , Maldives custom intelligence has captures all printed materials at MAle Airport & all stuff send to bonded ware house.

I have taken to NSS custardy & kept me in a VIP ROOM. This time ulike those days this time they provide me a local bed called FAITH JEHI EDHU (locally made COT) for more than 15 days.The only interrogator who was taken my subject just like a National PROJECT was a tyrant character in (Gayyoom’s government ex-commissioner of police Mr.ADAM ZAHIR).

After 15 days I was send to house arrest for more than 45 days they kept me in house arrest.During my house arrest again as a political prisoner I have got a valuable unpolished JAM. The only duplicated copy of a secret telephone conservation between Gayyoom’s brother in law ex Defense Minister Mr.Iliyas Ibrahim (majority Maldivian describe him as a most powerful tyrant character & the man behind the Gayyoom’s espionage, blasphemous & Chief Architect of touchier machineries).

I was fully aware & mentally prepare to move to jail again according to my observation about gayyoom’s infamous local intelligence. One fine morning NSS military scud landed on my door step & my grand-Ma & family was panic & shocked because of NSS approach my residence. Surely more than 4 or five military jeep was arrive with dozen of camouflage uniform team headed by a educated young famous commando Mr.Latheef. The team has double check my home with some electronic modern military gadgets about 30 mints nothing was appeared & nothing was collected except about 50 audio cassette tape of both Hindhi & English.

The only question & on my mind was about my young brother Mr.Ibrahim Rasheed (TV IBBE ) who was in a political banishment in a remote Island in Baa Atoll. He sent me always audio letters & we both exchange & discuss about political issues in Maldives which is also strictly prohibited during that time in Maldives. Specially political prisoners such as me & my young brother has to communicate letters via Prison Division.

The mentioned those audio cassettes has been mixed up with my Audio cassette tapes unfortunate NSS has taken those audio tapes with them. I was kept in local jailed called ALI HOKK RESTAURENT a transit point in Male’. Military officers extremely busy with checking those audios with my presence. The trouble has started one officer has triggered with one audio latter my young brother. IBBE was blaggard to a former defense Minister Hon.Illiyas Ibrahim. There task was to check whether I have got mentioned tele conversation which Iliyas & Maakun SATO has chat while he was kept in DHOONIDHOO JAIL.

unfortunately they came up with this issue, immediately I have taken to remote military jail called DHOONIDHOO (in locallanguage it mean BIRD TUNGUE) which is fully controlled & manage by NSS military. After heavy investigation with TOP OFFICERS in the NSS I reject all there question & allegation about that leaked tele conversation audio.

MANTHIRI MAGAZINE was baned the owner Mr.ILLIYAS HUSSAIN jailed. Mr.IBRAHIM RASHEED (HOARA IBBE) head of Editorial board has been banished. Hora attemted to release me from jail by taken him lot of clame by NSS finally got extra sentences due to attempt protect me during investigation.

Presently Mr.IBRAHIM RASHEED is one the closest PA for President Mohmed Nasheed’s government & Mr.Iliyas Hussain present Controller of Immigration contrubueted huge involement to ROAD TO DEMOCRAY with Hon.President Mohmed Nasheed.

Presently myself having a THINK TANK about 3rd Nov 1988 PLOTE attack to MALDIVES & writng a book call “CROWN OF THORN” PLOTE TERROR an illution not a revolution & second book is “MAN FOR UNITED CEYLONE” about President Mahindha Raj Paksha.

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